How to Choose a Genuine Astrologer?

Astrology has always been a topic in the grey area. Some say they have firm belief while the others absolutely deny it. This is one of those topics that can have an endless debate over its credibility along with its genuineness. But we must keep in mind that astrology has been evolved as a science. So it is not entirely bluff and con. However, there might be only a very few number of people who actually have the in depth knowledge about astrology. As this too has become a profession for many, people have started cheating the gullible people with false tales in exchange of money.

Thus, it is very important that the people, who are actually looking forward to meet an astrologer, go to a genuine one who has a comprehensive knowledge of his field. If you start searching for an astrologer on the internet or in your neighbourhood and you will have so many astrologers at your service. But the difficult part of the job is to find who is an actual astrologer and who is a con. People may claim to be the world famous astrologerbut you must not believe them.

Here are some ways through which you can make sure that the astrologer is genuine or not:

    1. The Reputation: Once you visit any astrologer, you must first check out what is his reputation. You must talk to your acquaintances as well as other people in the surrounding. The number of years for which he has been practicing the astrology must also be taken into account. The more years he has practiced, the better he will be at his job. If the astrologer has a clean record and no fraud charges against him, then the astrologer is surely genuine.
  • The Things Offered By The Astrologer: If the astrologer that you visit is offering the things that cannot be possible and are similar to miracles, then you must get cautious about his genuineness. You must know that the astrologer is not God. So he certainly cannot do the impossible and transform all your worries into happy moments overnight.
  • The Prices That Are Charged: All the astrologers that are genuine have a fixed package to offer. The price for the services that they offer is fixed. All the aids that are going to be offered by him will have definite price. It is only the con astrologers who are flexible with the money demands and the demand for the money is also very high.
  • Correct Guidance: One important thing that must be kept in mind is that the astrologer is not a magician who can look into your future. Based on the knowledge that he has acquired over the years, he can correctly analyze the problems and worries and provide optimal solutions.
  • Crossing the Line: Once you start having sessions with the astrologer, you must be on the guard if the astrologer starts asking too many questions. He must stick to the problems that are being presented before him and he must answer them in a professional manner.


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